The Aysanew Kassa Trust
Improving Education in the Azezo Schools
Registered Charity Number: 1090931

Azezo Schools

Atse Fasil Elementary School

Atse Fasil Elementary School takes children from Grades 1 to 8 and has a total of 3100 pupils in its 26 classrooms. This requires children to go to school either in the morning or in the afternoon. Many of the school's buildings need upgrading or replacing.

Fortunately there is plenty of space to build, but funds are urgently needed to help this school, where children sit three to a desk, perch on a tree branch or a stone on the floor.

Despite these hardships, the friendly atmosphere at the school is simply amazing. Both the children and teachers really value the support they have received so far but with your help we could do so much more.

This year, we are supporting Atse Fasil Elementary School by:

  • Funding a kindergarten dining area
  • Providing library books and stationery
  • Purchasing footballs
  • Providing two classroom assistants to help the blind children.

In the past, we have supported the school by:

  • Purchasing furniture, books, posters and playground equipment for the kindergarten
  • Setting up a clean drinking water supply
  • Creating a more spacious library
  • Providing shelves and furniture for the library
  • Providing a computer and photocopier
  • Building 15 new classrooms;
  • Building 40 pit latrines.

Azezo High School

Azezo High School has more than 2,500 children in Grades 9 to 12. Many are orphans and many more must walk over 12 km to reach school every day. The class sizes have as many as 120 students in a single classroom, despite the morning or afternoon shift system.

Despite this, the pupils' desire to learn is inspiring and it is always a pleasure to visit them and share in their enthusiasm. This year in addition to helping 80 individual students, we are supporting Azezo High School by:

  • Providing sports equipment
  • Buying new text books
  • Financing additional IT classes for both teachers and selected students
  • Funding two classroom assistants to help the blind students.

The many projects we have carried out in the past include:

  • Providing a supply of clean drinking water
  • Purchasing audio equipment for assemblies
  • Helping to establish a school garden
  • Building a staff room, with toilet and shower facilities
  • Purchasing 16 new desktop computers.