The Aysanew Kassa Trust
Improving Education in the Azezo Schools
Registered Charity Number: 1090931

Our Students

Ethiopia has made great strides in increasing the uptake of primary and secondary education for both male and females. However, education is still comparatively expensive and there are many who cannot afford school fees, uniforms and other materials. Although university tuition, accommodation and meals are free, travel, living expenses, text books and IT access, mean that it is prohibitively expensive for the poorer sections of the population.

Many of the children we support come from farming families where children have traditionally worked in the fields, run the home or cared for siblings. In many households sickness or death (often due to HIV) cause many academically bright children to drop out of school just to help the family survive. In an increasingly competitive job market many are unable to find stable employment and climb out of poverty.

With your help we can assist the poorest of the poor through Secondary and Higher Education by providing them with uniforms and a monthly stipend for books, stationery and IT access and those at Universities far from home by paying for their travel expenses.

We are currently sponsoring 180 students: 80 in Secondary School and 100 at University or Teacher Training Colleges. Most of the students we have assisted over the years have gone on to Higher Education with more than 160 graduating in law, medicine, engineering, agriculture and economics.

Aysan's dream is coming true for these young people whose parents never benefitted from an education, or are orphans: they are now supporting themselves or their families and contributing to the sustainable and lasting development of their community and country. And, what is more, ensuring that their children will not have to struggle to simply go to school.

Please help us break the cycle of poverty by sponsoring the education of more children who without it face a life of hardship and deprivation. Please remember, if we continue to invest in their future even a little can go a very long way in Ethiopia.