The Aysanew Kassa Trust
Improving Education in Azezo, Ethiopia
Registered Charity Number: 1090931

How we operate

Going to School

The main, regular activity of the Aysanew Kassa Trust is to sponsor Azezo's poor students through their secondary and university education. However, we also work extensively with the local schools, St Raphel's school for blind and partially-sighted students, as well as the neightbouring community.

We are run entirely by volunteers and have almost no overheads: everything we raise—either through individual donations, events or grants—goes directly towards helping the young people of Ethiopia. Our volunteers in Azezo are instrumental in identifying the needs of the community, liaising with the local councils, schools and our beneficiaries, thereby ensuring that projects match the needs of the local population. There are six trustees in London who meet regularly to monitor and review the activities of the charity, while Jean Bailey independently funds a yearly visit to Azezo to meet the local committee.