The Aysanew Kassa Trust
Improving Education in the Azezo Schools
Registered Charity Number: 1090931

Past Students


Mulaye was an orphan with no known extended family who tried to fund his living expenses by cleaning shoes as well as attending primary school. With AKT support he completed Grade 10 and went on to the Gondar technical school where he graduated with a diploma in tourism management. "Today I am able to look after myself because of AKT, who I cannot thank enough".


Setegn is from a farming family in Metema, near the border with Sudan. He moved to Azezo for high school as there wasn't one at that time in Metema. While studying in Azezo, he received the best marks in his year (about 1,000 students). When he was in grade 11, the AKT helped him with 20 birr (less than one euro) per month; enough to cover part of his stationary costs. He got this help until he finished high school and during his university years in Awassa. He said that the "AKT help appears small but solved the problem of stationary costs and I appreciated that help". Since then, Setegn taught in Wollo University for several years before getting a scholarship to undertake a Masters in Agriculture at Wageningen University. His work there was so outstanding that the university offered him a further scholarship to undertake his PhD jointly with Aarhus University in Denmark. He has now completed his PhD and currently has a three year research post in Aarhus.