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Improving Education in the Azezo Schools
Registered Charity Number: 1090931

Bruh Tesfa

We have close links to Bruh Tesfa Youth Development Centre in Adigrat, Tigray, which is run by the Missionaries of Africa. Bruh Tesfa shares our belief in progress through education, promoting education as a sustainable method of poverty alleviation. As well as providing the young people of Adigrat with a place to go to study and play, they sponsor, like us, numerous students through Secondary School and University; and work with disadvantaged young women, especially single mothers, to improve their quality of life and ensure that their children have access to an education.

We are currently supporting Bruh Tesfa as it plans to open a Girls' Hostel for around 15 girls in grades 11 and 12. From extremely poor families and living in one of the numerous villages and hamlets in the mountains around Adigrat, they currently either walk long distances each day or rent extremely cheap, inadequate local accommodation without toilets, running water and cooking facilities in order to go to school. The Girls' Hostel will provide them with a safe, secure and homely environment in which they can concentrate on their studies, increasing their chances of going to University and changing their lives for the better.

You can find out more about Bruh Tesfa and their projects here.